[ Amigoz App ] Get ₹50+₹50 Paytm Free | New Paytm Earning App Instant Payment

[ Amigoz App ] Get ₹50+₹50 Paytm Free | New Paytm Earning App Instant Payment

Refer Code = ABRYXY2G (Tap to Copy)

  • How to install the application?

First Go to the Play Store and install Amigoz the application.

  • How to sign up for the application?

Open the application and sign up with your Gmail ID and phone number.
Then he will ask you to give my referral code. You can use my referral code. Then after giving your college details like college name, where the college is, how many classes you have studied, the signup will be complete.

  • How to make income from this application?

In order to make income in this application, first of all you have to verify the account.
Click on the college option to verify the account. And in that you need the college ID and registration admin. You can upload any photo. The company will check and verify your documents.
You will get two options to earn income, such as you can earn income by referral. And you can earn income by uploading photos.

  • How to refer to refer to this application? 

To refer within the application, you will find a referral banner of Rs 50 on the first page. Click there and you can refer from there. You refer a friend and if he enters your referral code and verifies his account, you will get up to. 50 rupees.

  • How to transfer money from this application to Paytm account?

To transfer money, go to the referral option, there you will find My Wallet, click there, whenever you get a scratch card, your withdrawal option will show. And you can transfer money to Paytm account by clicking there.
I received payment from this application. I have given my proof of payment here. You will get payment in this way.

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