Galo App How to Earn Money Galo App Free Paytm Cash Earning App Galo App

Today I will tell you in full how to make money from Galo App, so you must read the full article below.

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How to sign up for Galo App?

Open Galo App and sign up with Gmail ID then enter mobile number and verify OTP. Signup will be successful.

Galo App How to play games and make money?

Take a good look at this photo to make money from Galo App. When you open the fast time, you will be given 3 jobs in front of you. Whoever completes these tasks will receive a rs 50 signup bonus.
Install and Open Click Here

Refer Code JTY32C (Tap to Copy)

Signup Rs 50
Refer Rs 5
1) First you watch 3 videos, a job will be done.
2) Then you login 2 work will be completed.
3) Then you play the game and win 6 coins, your 3rd task will be completed.
You will then receive a signup bonus of rs 50.

How to make money by referring Galo App?

You can earn money by referring from Galo App, click on referral option to refer, you will get rs 20 for one referral, but take a look at the Tom and Condition.

Your money will start counting when you open this application for three days.

What is the minimum amount you can transfer from Galo App to Paytm account?

From the Galo App you can transfer up to rs 1 Paytm on the first day and from there you can transfer up to a minimum of rs 300 and a maximum of rs 5000.

Transferring money from Galo App can take a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 20 days, as is the case with Vclip applications.

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