How to Earn Money From Dhani App | How to Earn Free Mobile Recharge App

Dhani App In this application I have written below about how you can earn money for free and recharge your mobile. Read more below.

  • How to register in Dhani application?

1) Open the application and sign up with your mobile number.
2) Then you will be asked to select a 4 digit password in front of you.
3) Then you will select one of your documents.
4) Then OTP will come to your number and the application will be successfully registered.

You will get many types of income in Dhani application but today I will only talk about how you can recharge your mobile for free.

To earn income in this application, you can click on the Home button and you will get many options to earn Dhani Cash for free.

You can use these options to earn money.

  • How do you earn free income in Dhani application?

You can earn money by sharing with friends in Dhani app.
To share, you need to click on the share option and share the application with your friends. Whenever your friend signup from your referral link he will be paid ₹10 to sign up and you will be paid ₹10
As you can see in the photo, General Balance. With this balance, you can recharge your mobile recharge on any number for free. You can earn this balance by sharing it with your friends.

  • How to recharge for free from Dhani app?

To recharge, first of all you have to click the service button, and you can recharge your current balance. You can see the photo below any number and you will understand how to recharge.
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